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Online entries close at 5.00pm on Friday 26th October 2018
Online late entries will be taken up until Friday afternoon and will incur an additional fee of $10.
You will be able to enter on the day as well but online entries make it easier for you and us.
Below is a planned schedule for the day.  We usually start on time so don't be late.
Race Registration opens:
From 8:00am at the Nelo Registration Tent, Baxter Street, Warkworth. 
Registration closes and race briefing:
9:15am at the Nelo Registration Tent, Baxter Street, Warkworth.
Race Start from Baxter Street Reserve:
9:30 - 20km Premier Canoe Showdown   
9:32 - 10km Canoe Showdown race 
9:34 -  5km Cruise
9:40 - 2km STAR KAYAKS course

Held on Baxter Street Reserve approximately 45 minutes after the last paddler has finished.
Personal safety:
All paddlers 16 and under will need to wear a PFD. All other paddlers should carry their PFD in their paddle craft. If you are asked to wear your PFD please do or you will not be able to start the race.

Where to find us

Entry information
The following categories and age groups available for both male and female competitors:
Multisport kayaks
Sea Kayaks
Surf Ski
Surf Lifesaving Ski
Recreational kayaks

Star Kayaks 
Entry Fee
Senior (24-34 yrs): $40.00
U23 (17-23): $40 
Masters (35-59 yrs ): $40.00
Masters (60+ yrs ): $40.00
Junior (up to 16 yrs): $25.00

​Star Kayak paddle: $25.00
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The Canoe Showdown course

This year the course is made up of a 5km lap starting before the boat ramp. It then heads down the river for 2.4km past the old Wilson Cement works before reaching the bottom turn. After an anti clockwise turn head back up the river past the start line until you reach the finish line at the end of the Warkworth wharf. This completes one 5km lap.  
2km Star Kayaks Course - course to be determined on the day
 5km course is 1 lap
10km course is 2 laps
20km course is 4 laps
Race rego, start line, top turn and finish.
The put in area will be at the Baxter Street boat ramp. The race will start by heading down the river for about 2.4km until the bottom turn.
Bottom turn
The bottom turn is appoximately 250m past the old cement works and it is to be rounded anti clockwise to head back up the river to the top turn. Again turning anti clockwise to complete a 5km lap.